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Saint Sophia Camp Video Project

Our very own Yianni Vlahos, is putting together a video about the 2020 Saint Sophia Camp Season. We need YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS!  Please take a video of yourself talking about camp or answering the questions below and then following the link on "Submit Videos Here" button below to send them in.

Thank you for participating! We really appreciate it!

1. If you can, record on your phone

2. Record in landscape/horizontal orientation

3. Speak loudly and clearly and don't stand too far
from the phone so we can hear you

4. Make sure you fill out your first and last name in the upload form


1. Why do you love St. Sophia Camp

2. Tell us your funniest story from camp

3. What are you most looking forward to doing at Camp in 2021

4. If you attended virtual camp tell us about your experience and what you enjoyed most

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