Meet the Staff

Saint Sophia Camp Staff


Perry Skaggs

Camp Director

Home Parish:
Saint Sophia, Los Angeles

Perry has been Saint Sophia Camp's Director for over 20 seasons. However, he wasn't always the Director- in fact he has served in 4 other positions and challenges many campers to guess them all!

"My favorite thing in all my many years at camp is getting to spend time with all the amazing campers, fantastic counselors and hard working staff members at the greatest Greek Orthodox Camp in the world!"

Sarah Ballas
Assistant Director

Home Parishes:

Saint Sophia, Los Angeles &

Saint Katherine, Redondo Beach

This year marks Sarah's 11th season on Staff, she has served in three positions, including Arts and Crafts Director and Girls Director. Camp is where she met her husband Billy Ballas and the couple had their rings blessed at Camp in 2017. Sarah's favorite day of camp is Tuesday because there's tie-dye, super relay and a themed dance!

"Camp is my favorite two weeks out of the year! I love spending time with my camp family and making new memories every summer. My favorite thing about camp is watching campers as they grow up and create lifelong friendships and seeing them give back as counselors"


Rebecca Skaggs
Girls Director

Home Parishes:
Saint Sophia, Los Angeles

Following in the footsteps of greats like Sarah Ballas and Mary Begakis, Rebecca has transitioned from Arts and Crafts Director to take on the role of Girls Director this year. Rebecca helps plan flawless camping programming and most importantly ensures that everyone feels like they’re at a home away from home when at camp. Rebecca is always ready to bring excitement and joy to every camp activity.

"My favorite camp activities are the KAMP Radio Morning Shows! They are the best way to start every day of camp."

Caleb Englin
Boys Director

The 2021 camping season will be Caleb’s first on Staff, but this honorary Greek comes with a lifetime of experience at a number of camps across the nation, including three years as a counselor at Saint Sophia Camp. No matter the camping activity, you can always count on Caleb to cheer you on. 

“My favorite camp activity is the Steve Skrumbis 3 on 3 basketball tournament. I love basketball and it's a lot of fun to see everyone trying their hardest. I am so excited to be the Commissioner and uphold this camp tradition”


Antonia Klima
Arts and Crafts Director

Home Parish:
Saint Sophia, Los Angeles

Antonia is known for her skills on the Ping Pong table during Free Time and the Basketball Court during the Steve Skrumbis 3-on-3 Tournament but now she will take her talents to the Arts and Crafts. As a long-time camper, counselor, and Lip Jam champion, Antonia relishes the opportunity to help campers make long-lasting memories. 

“My favorite camp activities are the dances! I love planning out my outfits for the themes and dancing the night away with the whole camp.”

Maria Tangalos 
Arts and Crafts Director

Home Parish: 

 St. Demetrious, Camarillo

Saint Sophia Camp’s reigning Belly Flop champion makes her debut on Staff this year as one of our Arts and Craft Directors. The position is fitting given that her favorite Camp activity is Charades because of how it brings out everyone’s enthusiasm and creative side!

“My favorite part about camp is how it is multigenerational! It connects parents, siblings, cousins, and friends in the same traditions and fun.”


Stacey Manos


Home Parish:
Saint Katherine, Redondo Beach

Saint Sophia Camp's onsite ray of sunshine Stacey is known for her positivity and upbeat attitude as well as her commitment to safety and fun in the pool!

"My favorite camp memory is my very first year at camp, I was nervous until the first campfire. I had so much fun and when we all sang Kumbaya and Rebecca and I stayed up late laughing in the cabin, I knew I had found my place"

Frank Yokas

Home Parish:
Saint Sophia, Los Angeles

This long-time camper, counselor, and Saint Sophia Camp Summer Olympics MVP, joins the ranks of Staff this year. If he is not in the Pool Frank may be hard to find given that Hide and Seek is his favorite Olympic event. 

“My favorite part about St. Sophia Camp is the lifelong friendships I have made. I have met some of my closest friends at this camp and that is something I will always appreciate.”


Yianni Vlahos

Night Director

Home Parish:
Saint Sophia, Los Angeles

Yianni is one of our two Night Directors, who help keep the camp safe and secure through the night. Yianni has been on staff since 2013 and is known for his impressive magic tricks and bedtime lullabies,

"My favorite thing about camp is spending a whole two weeks with so many people that are there to genuinely have a great time and my favorite activity is sitting by the fire with Dimitri"

Dimitri Dorlis

Night Director

Home Parish:
Saint George, Bakersfield

Before he was a Night Director, Dimitri was a camper and counselor who's Weekend Update sketch was a hilarious staple of the Camp Skit Night. In the evening you can find him by the campfire with Yianni but, by day you may find him running Lodge Dodge, emceeing Camp Family Feud, or refereeing the 3-on-3 Basketball tournament.

"My favorite camp activity has been making the movie previews with Yianni for our Camp Movie Nights each year. They're so fun to brainstorm, film, and share with the campers"


Isabella Matarazzo
Media Director

This is Isabella’s first time at camp, these fresh eyes will serve her well as Isabella has the unique job of capturing  the magic of camp on film as well as managing all our social media platforms.

“I have heard so many wonderful things about camp and can't wait to experience it. I can't wait to meet everyone and have an unforgettable experience!”

Dr. Dan Kirages

Camp Doctor
Health and Wellness Director

Home Parish:
Saint Sophia, Los Angeles

Dan Kirages is a pillar in the Saint Sophia Camp community. Having previously served on Staff in the 1990's Dan has recently reprised his role in the Health and Wellness Center now as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Camp is so lucky to have him and his wonderful Health Tips of the Day. 


"My favorite camp memory in recent years is recurring.  Nothing better than waking up early in the morning to set up the Health and Wellness Center for the day and
smelling the freshness of the mountains while listening
to the Camp Radio Morning Show"

Dan-Kirages Bio Pic - large.jpg

Billy Ballas 

Home Parish:
Saint Katherine, Redondo Beach

Billy is a third generation Staff member and is the first inductee of the Saint Sophia Camp Olympic Hall of Fame. Billy met his wife Sarah Ballas at camp and the whole camp joined to celebrate their engagement in 2017. 

"My favorite thing about camp is all the relationships I have built and fostered,  but I always loved competing in Olympics, running Iron man, Super Relay Tuesday, Capture the Flag and Hide and Seek"

Michael John Kyriacou 

Home Parish:
Saint Sophia, Los Angeles

Michael John is a long time member of the Saint Sophia Camp family. On Staff, Micheal John was part of the illustrious trio known as the Pool Boys alongside Mikey Vezutto and Sam Wolfe. His tenure in the pool included the historic No Pool, No Problem Summer. He was also famously one half of the best cabin ever when he bunked with Boys Director, Nick Varonos.

"My favorite camp memories were being on Staff with my best friends and getting to lead Campfire with them"


Anthony Galluci

Serving as part of the Kitchen Staff the last two seasons, Anthony AKA Tony AKA The TonZone works tirelessly to make sure all campers, counselors and staff are fed. Tony loves teaching campers how to cook and getting to know everyone. When he's out of kitchen you can find him watching Olympics, helping in Camp Store or relaxing by the Campfire, This year Tony is helping in any way he can to make Camp a huge success.

Kathleen Kyriacou and Melanie  O'Reagan

Camp Moms

Home Parish: 

Saint Sophia, Los Angeles

Without these two incredible women, Saint Sophia Camp simply would not exist. Kathleen and Melanie work tirelessly, all year round, to make sure the Staff, Counselors, Campers and our Saint Sophia Camp Family has everything they need to continue the Saint Sophia Camp Tradition. If you are lucky enough to see them on site, give them a BIG Thank You and a hug!