Meet the Counselors

Antonia Klima

Spartan Girls

Home Parish:
Saint Sophia, Los Angeles

Antonia is known for her skills on the Ping Pong table during Free Time and the Basketball Court during the Steve Skrumbis 3-on-3 Tournament. But, if you ask what her favorite camp activity is she will tell you that is an impossible choice! Her favorites include;
Pool Period, Charades, and Music Appreciation class.

"One of my favorite camp memories is when my cabin won Lip Jam to the song Drag Me Down by One Direction in 2017"

Jeffrey Marcopulos
Athenian Boys

Home Parishes:
Saint Katherine, Redondo Beach &
Saint Paul, Irvine

During the year, Jeffrey loves playing tennis and watching movies with friends and family. At Camp, you can find Jeffrey leading his Olympic Team to victory, bonding with his campers or singing and dancing to his favorite songs during the Morning Radio Show.

"My favorite camp activities are the Campfires because everyone gets to sing together, and we all feel connected as a whole Camp"


Gabby Toczek

Athenian Girls

Home Parish:
Saint Sophia, Los Angeles

Gabby is a thrice returning counselor and the reigning Party Wall Captain. Her favorite part of camp is bonding with her cabin late at night. When she is not in her cabin you can find Gabby snacking on Cheez-its, making sure everyone re-applies sunscreen at the pool or wow-ing everyone at the Camp Dance with her dance moves!


"My favorite camp activity is dancing on the Party Wall while scream singing with my friends and campers!"

Harrison Kyriacou
Olympian Boys

Home Parish:

Saint Demetrios, Camarillo

Harrison considers Camp his happy place and became a counselor to help more campers feel that. His favorite camp memory is every week he attends, because it just gets better every year! Harrison is an avid reader so you may see him around site with his nose in a book, but don't worry he is always ready to help so if you need his attention just tap his shoulder!

"My favorite camp activity is Super Relay Tuesday because the whole camp is involved in an Olympic activity and everyone gets to contribute"